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Autumn Miracle Dark 'n Stormy

*28. 11. 2017, GrandCh & Ch BiH, GrandCh & Ch MNE, CH PL, CH SK, JCH SK, VN1, CAJC, BOJ, CAC, CWC, 6 x CACIB, 3 x BOS, 5 x BOB

FN normal by parents, DM clear, AON clear, prcdPRA carrier, HD A/A

Club hunting exam

Mimi, Mimička, Mimouš. It was hard for Pepsi to give her birth. For me it was a small miracle. But it's quite common that all amazing things are born through pain. Mimi is an element. She is very smart and funny, but completaly fearless. Also she likes to cuddle. Every day she welcomes us crazily and she won't let get until we cuddle her enough.  


Asquanne  Goldfinga

Lochranza For Your Eyes Only

Lochranza None Sweeter

Bruce Tarakim

Doubtless Black Petrs

Frencis Sant Tulip

Bessy Sant Tulip

Charbonnel War Paint

Manaca's No Questions Asked

Manaca's Undesigned Dream

Pepsi od Bukové studánky

Ira z Chaloupecké louky

Fidelio Made in Austria

Bonnie z Lesních chalup

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