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Darney Nut Wish

*3.10.2016, C.I.E., GrandCh & Ch MNE, Ch SK, Ch PL, Ch CZ, GrandCh & Ch BiH, VN1, CAJC, CAC, CWC,  2 x res.CACIB, 4 x CACIB, 5 x BOS

prcdPRA clear, FN clear, AON clear, HD A/A, patella luxation 0/0, eyes clear, heart clear, has the gold gene

Darney really likes to cuddle. He loves to apport. When he came to our family, the world has changed somehow. It became more cheerful. Darney is always in good mood. For a piece of food or apport he would stand on his head. Once he almost managed to do it, actually. He often struggles with my son for ducks, wooden cars and sandpit tools. He keeps kissing and licking my son. Darney is kissing someone almost all the time.


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