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Pepsi od Bukové studánky

*15.12.2014, ChCZ, CAJC, BOS, NV, ZV I. award

FN clear, prcdPRA carrier, AON clear, HD 0/0

Pepsi is beautifully complicated dog soul. She is our sweetheart, rightful member of the family, our first cocker spaniel. She loves to snoop and everything connected with that. The greatest reward is not a nicy, but a trail of a hare for her. She is a great apporter from water and she loves to do it. She enjoys the water even just by herself, there is no need to force her to do it. She was always a little bit shy with other dogs, but that had changed a lot when Darney came to our lives. She is his friend and she leads him also. I was a bit afraid how she will manage my pregnancy and a new family member. Pepsi surprised me very nicely. When my son was sleeping in a pram and started to cry, she ran for me immediately. She would permit any other animal to get closer to the pram. Now, when my son is able to walk, she brings her toys to him and patiently withstands his cuddling and petting :-). Lately she has took in affection for nosework lectures, where she is trained to find cinnamon and oranges. Although we try a lot, she doesnť really like exhibitions. We would like to lead her towards hunting and dog sports.


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